You can bend space time, soon as you stop trying.

I have seen 19 videos till date trying to wrap my head around Einsteins theory of relativity. By the time I do 3 videos it starts feeling like I understand but the 4th video puts me right back in place.

E = Mc2

Two of the more popular and important theories from one of modern sciences greatest works are as follow:

  1. Relativity of simultaneity: Two events, simultaneous for one observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion.
  2. Time dilation: Moving clocks are measured to tick more slowly than an observer’s “stationary” clock. That is time slows down the faster you travel.

To prove Time dilation there are some rather elaborate and expensive experiments using atomic clocks placed on flights that go around the earth that you cannot afford to perform yourself. Sadly a lot of physics enthusiasts like myself find it somewhat dissatisfying to read a theory and not be able to see an actual manifestation or evidence. Wherein I would like to propose a much more cost effective alternative to witnessing time dilation.

Music forms temporary bonds and complex compounds:

What if I say you have experienced time dilation yourself. Think about the games period in school. How quickly did it go by. Now think about the maths class. How long did it take. An eternity ? Nah, even eternity was less compared to the maths class. How many hours is the typical Monday morning at work compared to the typical Saturday night at the Bar.

I played the guitar for some years. I distinctly remember my jamming sessions where we went on hours without food or rest. Sometimes we would start and not notice when the sun set or rose. Anyone who has ever played an instrument or practiced music at any level would tell you that music is more than 4 guys playing different instruments. Music is an energy that binds these molecules(musicians) and forms a complex compound. It is in this complex energy field that time slows down (For the musicians primarily but sometimes for the deeply connected audience too).

Why does Time dilate for the musician ?

What if we decided that a year was 365 days still but it is measured by 2 full revolutions around the sun instead of 1. Our day would now have 48 hours to it. We could re-calibrate every single system in the world and a few years down the line this would not seem so baffling anymore.

So there is a bit of relativity to the concept of time itself. There is a popular joke about drummers – they can count upto 8. The musician does not play to the clock on your wall. She plays to the time of her soul. But what if the musician is now given a clock and also advised to ensure she dishes out at least 5 hits in an hr. I suspect that would not go very well. The Musician can either follow the time of her soul or your watch. She can’t do both.

Time can dilate for the one who is not looking at time. You were not watching the clock in your games period or the Saturday night at the bar. Because you paid no attention to time, it slowed down. You thought you had spent just 10 minutes here when in reality(per the wall clock) you had been drinking beer and discussing space time continuum for 2 hours.

The theory of not looking

Hence the theory of “Not-looking”. You can experience time dilation but only when you are so engrossed with an activity that you stop looking at time. It is at this magical hour that you release a bond which is the one you had with the wall clock. Which then allows you to bond with the universe and all its energy.

So for all magnificent things to happen, one must be at a plane where there is no time. The moment you stop looking for time, it slows down and your life seems longer, more fulfilling and rewarding.

And this is not too hard to practice. Some people call this meditation. There are others that experience the same thing while on the canvas or while running marathons or while writing complex algorithms. But ultimately anything that can disconnect you from the wall clock can be a magical experience.


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