Your Smoke is harming my children(and yours too):

Today, smoking is banned in most countries at public places. In India it is against the law to even sell a cigarette within 100 meters of an educational institution. But what about our homes. How do we instill common sense into smokers to refrain from smoking in the same environment where we are trying to bring up our children in a healthy fashion. What use is good food if the air they breathe contains carcinogen ?

Passive smoking is far more dangerous more so when the subject is a toddler who has hardly developed any immunity yet. Second hand smoke contains particles ranging from carcinogen, nicotine, tar and ash that not only gets breathed in but it also tends to settle on the skin causing skin problems and allergies. Children may get affected to the extent that it causes permanent irreparable damage like asthma and bronchitis.

So, do the smokers not see the perils ?

Smokers are well aware of the ill effects of smoking. There is not one smoker on earth who would recommend a cigarette to their children over fruits. But the power of addiction is so strong and compelling that they turn selfish and disregard any risks to the heath of their family just so they can get their urge satisfied. Its not like they don’t love their families enough, its just just that they are hooked to cigarettes more.

The Cigarette Factory:

Back in school I remember visiting a chocolate factory once. In college I had the chance to awe at an iron and steel plant. But, has anyone ever seen a school or college excursion to a cigarette factory ? No, for obvious reasons. But I have a more important point to make. Try visiting a garment factory or rice factory and then try visiting a Cigarette factory. You will immediately see a huge difference in the level of security at these places. The typical cigarette factory or R&D center(yes, they have R&D) is more fortified than a Mint. The reason is not because they have cigarettes worth millions that they fear could get stolen. What do they fear then ?

Nicotine Cocktail Design:

Back in the wild wild west days the cigarette was just tobacco rolled into thin paper. The modern cigarette however is way ahead of its basic ancestor. It’s a heady cocktail of 100 different chemicals that make the stick 100 times more gratifying and pleasurable and for obvious reasons the tobacco companies do not want you to know the secret ingredients they put in to make the stick 100 times more addictive.

Its just business you see. They cannot afford you giving up. Its losing a rather faithful customer – one that consumes your product every hour. Every country has bans on advertising tobacco products. With no Marketing tools left what do these companies do to retain their customer. Simple, they make it far more addictive than it was. Think cocaine, heroine, drugs. People usually have to visit a rehabilitation center to get off such substances. The modern cigarette is using substances just barely more legit than drugs.

Bottom Line:

If a smoker cannot put his habits above the health of you and your family. Then you have to take a step and stand up for what’s right. Healthy environment is a basic human right. Someone who fails to provide this is not being human enough. Tell them so.




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