Stop, don’t read your old writings.


I am happy you are reading this. This will save your old writings from disappearing into the black hole. My advice is simple. Do not read your old writings. You could end up deleting them because you shall not find them as fine as you write today.

But, think about it. Who knows, your words may someday mean so much to someone somewhere. Maybe somehow after the entire world’s been annihilated, your article will be the only remaining piece of literature to be found by Aliens. Maybe they will regret their violent ways and repent while reading your beautiful words. So leave what you write in the past for the future. To be discovered. Don’t decide their fate today, let them live and find their own fate.

Every writer has a fierce critic within.

Practice makes men and women perfect. So the more you write the better you get. Naturally reading yesteryear’s blogs or articles don’t seem as attractive as the day you wrote them. Moreover because you are such an artist with words, the critic inside is perhaps all the more harsh and beating down on you for your cheesy compositions. What you write yesterday had a heart and rhythm to it. What you write today has another beat. You do not resonate with your yesterday but don’t assume that no one else will. Leave your writing to the world. Like a wild flower that grows in the forest not knowing if someone will adore and pick it up. That koan is from a zen guru.

Read if you must, but with love ..

Still feel compelled to read your old posts ? Go ahead, but please go gentle. Like old parents watching the video of their toddler who is now a famous athlete. Their eyes don’t spot faults in the child’s wobbling legs. They see the making of a strong man. Your old writings are what got you here. So read them with love. You wrote well yesterday, you write well today. Keep writing.


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