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Zumba Propagonics:

When I first heard about it I thought Zumba was a small town from Zimbabwe. Nevertheless I decided to upgrade my knowledge on the topic. Turns out it is a dance form that is also a great calorie burner. Any argumentative idiot like me immediately has the next question ready. So how is it different from any other dance form. Well, there are thousands of blogs and articles and maybe even scholarly articles about it to answer your question. My article however is not about Zumba. it’s about how Zumba and other infectious ideas propagate and the economics behind it. Hence the term Propagonics. Of course, there is no such word yet on the internet hence it does not exist except this blog. But, what if this blog goes viral and it gets a thousand hits on Google ? Hmmm, so now we have something trending and who doesn’t love to ride the trend and earn a few bucks while at it.

In the beginning there was nothing …

That’s literally how it begins. Any new fad was once nowhere on the internet and then one day by a sudden chance of atomic arrangements someone somewhere decided to create something new. A blog or article was written about it. A marketing agency gets hired to spread the word. Micro workers are employed to start writing blogs about it. And what is the first thing that the Micro worker do to start writing. Well, they go to google and they google about the term. So they land at the source and with new words write a blog that propagates the same concept. So it’s more like a fission reaction. One blog leads to 3 more and in no time the internet has been filled with the new concept and thousands of blogs about it.

The Economics of Propagation – Propagonics

With the over ambitious hope that someday TED will invite me to talk about my concept of Propagonics let me conclude another useless topic that you spent your time on today. The internet is filled with blogs about each conceivable topic. The Business out there knows you will be coming down today to read so they make arrangements and have the material ready on their websites for you to read. They go to great lengths to ensure their results pop up higher on Google and you don’t have to take trouble to decide which site has the most authentic information. You will also find that 90% of the blogs have the same content. Maybe with different words but the same content in essence. That’s the beauty of English, you can say the same thing but with different words. AI can’t detect this – very good for article writing professionals.

So, basically what happens is that a lot of blogs about the latest fads are not original writings but replicas of the Gold-Copy content. It’s a brilliant concept where an idea keeps on multiplying to fill the digital space and your time. And time is money – which is the economics of Propagation.

And no, I am not making any money yet, but who knows maybe in the future ..

Thanks for reading.


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