Attention Virgos, don’t sweat the small stuff

I am a Virgo so I know.

Virgos have a difficult life. Not because of their bosses or taxation policies. That’s common to all of us. But Virgos have this additional problem of the constant Watchdog that lives inside them. If you are a Virgo reading this, a faint smile crosses your lips as you already know what i am going to tell you. If you are a non Virgo but have a friend or partner who is a Virgo, I hope this helps you to understand them a little bit better.

Virgos can’t take it easy. Well, they can take-it-easy but then they try to take-it-easy in the best possible manner.  Confused ? You should be because it doesn’t get any more absurd than this. You see, Virgos feel compelled to strive for perfection in everything they do. The worst form of this habit has a medical term – I think its called compulsive something. But I wouldn’t delve into that because Virgo’s don’t suffer from a disorder. They simply have a personality which makes them unique just like anyone else. Their uniqueness being the fact that they can chase perfection like no one else.

Virgo’s have a Big Brother inside:

Virgo’s have this internal voice always pushing them towards perfection. The simplest task like arranging a wardrobe can become a work of art for them. They feel compelled to finish every task with the utmost devotion. When a task is done half halfheartedly their inner voice(AKA the Big brother) beats down on them mercilessly. Ok, so that’s a good thing right ? It is probably, in a lot of cases and lot of situations. But, no it is probably not a good idea to put in your 100% on everything. It is simple maths. One’s resources like time and effort are limited. There is only so much you can do in a given time or day. Trying to achieve perfection in everything is a failure recipe or can be draining. Most things are best managed with the Pareto’s law.  80% of the problems are caused by 20% of the causes. Hence focusing on 20% stuff that gets you 80% of the results is widely regarded as the best strategy. This is where the typical Virgo goes wrong. They try to address all 100% and end up feeling very drained and tired. So , being able to ignore some of the small stuff that doesn’t mater is the one trick that every Virgo needs to learn.

Virgos are wonderful human beings just like all other sun signs and have their uniqueness. They try to do their best on everything which makes them great at trades that require a lot of attention to detail. But, when it come to multi tasking and prioritization – they feel a bit lost trying to address everything. The key to this is being able to not sweat the small stuff and pick up the larger issues that need your time.


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