Don’t ignore the wall

Yesterday was a dull Sunday. The wife and daughter had both been away at Grandma’s for 2 weeks now. Had finished the tabloid full of violent tales and the second coffee since morning making me sink deeper into the couch with every passing hour. That’s when I happened to look up at my wall. My living room wall where I have all these lovely moments of my life. That’s when the first smile of the day crossed my lips and I realized God had given us the Sunday for a  reason. It was so we could appreciate what we have and not fret about the things that were missing.

Looking up at the wall with all the amazing photographs from the past year suddenly made me feel so much better. My child who so small just the other day and was all grown up now. My stupid mustache that I was so proud of and sported for a year. My wife’s new hairdo, our unplanned impromptu vacation – it was all there. All those amazing memories smiling down at me and urging me to get up from my slouch and create many more.

That’s when I realized the importance of the wall. Its a reminder of what a beautiful life one has and to appreciate it. Caught up in the rush, months had gone by without me ever looking back at all the success and accomplishments that God had been kind with. With one eye constantly on the horizon I was missing the glory of the present and laden with the anxiety of tomorrow I was fretting away my precious hours today.

The wall was a gentle reminder that moments were too precious to be wasted. Life is a gift and its not something you put away in the cupboard to open it later. You open it up today with all the excitement, joy and eagerness of a child. That’s when life open up to you and embraces you with all its heart. That’s when you create those amazing moments that are worth a million and deserve a place on your wall.

So Life Hack no 3 – Have a wall and put up photographs, lots of them. Keep reminding yourself how beautiful your life has been and I am sure this simple act will usher in joy and laughter into your homes.



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