The SmartPhone feature that’s draining you.

This is not another article that’s going to advise you to log off from all social media and pick up a book instead. Though it is something that a lot of people benefit from however for a lot of folks social media and the internet are the only means to get through an otherwise boring day and I respect that.

No, I have a rather minuscule tip and that is not going to need you to refrain from swiping the screen. But before I get to it, let me share a little about my smartphone usage pattern and how I realized I was doing it wrong.

I am the typical 21st century person who checks the phone first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping at night. That’s the world we live in today – we are always connected to all the people we know personally or professionally through the phone. From waking up in the morning till we sleep, an individual checks his/her smartphone 4 times on average an hour(based on an independent study). So an average guy would check on their smartphones anywhere between 50-100 times a day.

What I wanted to talk to you about today was that – every time you unlock your phone you also notice the battery percentage and which triggers a long series of calculations in your brain. You may not realize this but it’s something that goes on in your sub conscious mind. Now, battery is something that you should have to worry about maybe once a day but not more. After all, most phone companies assure hours of battery life right ?

You see, your brain is programmed with awesome survival skills. One of them being able to constantly calculate odds of unpleasant events and in today’s world the phone dying out is always an anxiety. So, every time you pick up the phone your brain also goes to work calculating your phone’s survival chances through the day and when you should be charging it again.

So you end up using a lot of your brain activity on calculating something which is not necessary. An average phone user with a decent battery can get through the day without having to top up the charge even once if you started out on 100. But, since the phone constantly flags an alert in the form of percent remaining, we end up being anxious about it and keep charging our phones.

So I decided to not see the percent and go with a default simple graphical indicator which shows me how full or half the glass is without tagging a metric to it. It was a really simple thing to do. But trust me, this has freed up a lot of my time. I do not feel anxious about my battery dying anymore. I also get through the day and sometimes 2 days without needing to charge my phone. Most of the times, I am completely unaware where my battery stands and the phone reminds me when it is down to a threshold low. Charging my phone even at the threshold low or later is good enough and I never had a problem since I made the switch. If you would also like to do the same then try checking the Battery settings on your phone. You should have an option to turn the percentage off.

Let me know if that helped. As always, I will be very pleased to read your feedback. Thank you for your time, have a nice day.


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